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What is Learn Storybook?
Learn Storybook teaches tried-and-true development techniques for UI components. The best practices here are sourced from professional teams, Storybook maintainers, and the awesome community. We value your time. Our guides cover essential learnings and timesaving tactics that make you more productive at Component-Driven Development immediately. No filler.
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Storybook is such a pivotal tool not just for workbenching a component in isolation, but also to communicate your component's use cases and API to your whole team. You NEED to learn how to use Storybook, and this is the place to learn.
Kyle Holmberg
Engineer at Air
I was amazed at how easy it was to build a Design System with Storybook! The guide provided here is just perfect. Everything is explained step by step, from the setup of the repository to the deployment, including the tests and the generation of the documentation.
Michèle Legait
Engineer at PROS
Design systems are rapidly growing in popularity. It can be overwhelming for developers to understand where to start. This guide will kickstart your design system using industry standard best practices.
Lee Robinson
Engineer at Hy-Vee
Expert frontend guidance
Learn Storybook was created by active Storybook maintainers who also helped build Apollo GraphQL and MeteorJS. Tens of thousands of frontend developers use their work to build apps for millions of people.
Dominic Nguyen
Storybook design
Tom Coleman
Storybook core
Kyle Suss
Storybook maintainer
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Our amazing community of learners help update, localize, and suggest new guide topics. That means Learn Storybook stays up to date with industry best practices.
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